MBS Home Mahabodhi Society of USA

There are two e-mail lists related to Mahabodhi Society: mbsusa@yahoogroups.com and mbs_forum@yahoogroups.com.

  1. mbsusa@yahoogroups.com is an e-mail announcement list from our staff to keep you informed about activities of Mahabodhi Society.

    You will receive an automatically generated e-mail confirmation for your request. Please reply to the e-mail to complete your request.

  2. mbs_forum@yahoogroups.com is a separate, moderated e-mail list that you can use to inform our community of Buddhist activities, share dharma, or discuss Buddhist related issues. You need to be a member of mbs_forum group to post to this e-mail list. If you are not yet a member, send an e-mail to mbs_forum-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to join the group first. Postings are reviewed first to avoid junk e-mail, so there may be a delay in seeing your post.

    Past messages of mbs_forum are archived here.